Why You Should Have A Side Business

I’m not particularly sure as to whether I’ve written about this topic or not. But if I have, well, it only shows how important it is and why you should get on it immediately.

If you work on a 9 to 5, you must have a side hustle. Whether you agree or not, it’s very important that you do so. You can’t be an employee forever, I really want you to be a job creator.

Last night, someone tweeted about wanting a job, see the tweet below:

Now see my response below:

So a graduate, who has knowledge in Web and Android development is looking for a job. That’s how our minds have been programmed to be.

My advice to every working professional is to start a side hustle, no matter how small it is. I’m not saying this because I think it’s the obvious thing to do, I’m saying it because of an incident that happened to a close friend few years ago. I’m going to share the short story with you, read story below:

They’re still suffering because, the man had nothing to fall back on when he was ‘retired’ his wife had been an house wife, the kids were going to a private school but when money stopped coming, they dropped out. Now, no education, no business, no job. The family is struggling.

So why must you have a side business?

1. You’re not the owner of the company where you work: The owner might just wake up one day and decide to fire you. The child of the owner might just come one day and say you don’t have a ‘new mind’. The company can just fire you for no reason at all. Or, you can just become redundant all of a sudden.

2. When was the last time you heard salary would be increased? : I think it’s been a while you heard that. Like commercial bus customers would say “price dey go up, salary no gree go up.” Bus fares rise like blood pressures, prices of groceries increase like the ocean tides, the cost of living keeps going up, yet, only your ‘highly anticipated’ salaries don’t. You need to buckle up.

3. Your time is far worth more to you: You should be spending that time you devote religiously to another man’s job on your own personal business. Your time is money, but no matter how much you’re paid, it can never be worth more than your time.

4. You need your personal income: Enough of monitoring and aiding how money enters into another man’s purse. It’s time to ‘Fatten thy own lean purse’. Waiting on monthly income that comes regularly and if it doesn’t come, you can’t do anything about it is not the right way to go. It’s time to wait for your own income.

5. Seriously how long do you want to keep working for another man?: Remember the wise word that says “If you refuse to plan your life, you’ll be busy working out another’s plans for his life”? Well it’s true. Plan your life and work for your own plans.

6. The world needs job creators: Forget the world, this country needs people who will create a good present and a better future. We need to stop relying on first generation wealth. Our wealth needs to go to the next generations and the next and the next and the next.

7. A strong middle class wealth is what this nation needs: A nation grows by the strength of the riches accumulated by its middle class (I can’t really remember how that statement goes). Small and medium enterprises determines a good amount of the riches of a nation.

8. You need to develop your potential: God has placed something in you, and He won’t really be happy if you die without expressing it. You have experimented enough with another person’s business, it’s time to apply what you’ve learnt in your own. When you are at your ripe old age, you should be happy that you’ll die empty and not still full of potentials.

9. So that you don’t throw your family into turmoil when you get fired: Like my friend’s dad, he had nothing else to bring in money, and his family suffered a great deal.

10. You need to join the class of the wealthy: You can never become wealthy on a job. You need to start solving problems for the human race, while also making money from it.

You can send me an email or ask questions in the comment section on small business ideas you can start. Have a blast!

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