Time Wasters and How To Deal With Them

A second wasted can never be regained. The time you spend scrolling through your phone endlessly, you cannot regain. The minutes you’ll spend reading this post can never be gotten back. We can never regain any minute we lose, it’s your duty to determine whether or not you will spend your time on something beneficial to you or something that isn’t.

There’s no better way to flush out activities that waste your time than first identifying them and making a strong decision to flush them out of your life without mercy. So many times, we get carried away by the things that produce no results, it’s really easy to drop more important things for things that do not matter to us in any way.

I’ve stated some time wasters below and how to curb them from our lives. feel free to read through and pick  anyone that you know you practice on a regular basis.

  1. Lack Of Priorities: This is a huge time waster that a lot of people are guilty of, including myself. If you do not set priorities for the things you want to do, you will easily see that the more unimportant ones will creep into your life. It’s like setting sail without a destination in mind. To this end, I will suggest that you get a daily planner (and yes it works) and write down the things you want to do, in their order of importance. But be warned, don’t over do it by having a priority list of the list of your priorities (some people do this).
  2. Comparing your life with others: A friend of mine works in a digital agency. He is their branding expert and so far, he was doing well for his organization. One day, I heard he was going to resign. So I called him up and asked why he was leaving. He said a couple of his friends who are not as qualified as he were working in an oil company and he deserved the job they had, because he practically helped them through exams. To cut the long story short, he left his job and is still looking for that oil company job after two years.
  3. Fear of failure: This is perhaps the major reason why many people are not where they are supposed to be today. Few years ago, I had the opportunity to start a business with a huge sum of money, someone was going to gift the money to me and after few months would check back to see how the business had gone. I was quite unsure of myself because, I hadn’t done any business before. The thought of having to do a business scared me to death. So instead of taking the opportunity, I gave in to my fear. Today, I regret not taking that opportunity. At least, I would have learnt a lot from it and learnt from mistakes, and the business would have been doing well now. So fear caused me to miss a very good opportunity and i totally wasted time.
  4. Trying to please everybody: No matter how hard you try, you can never please everybody. In fact, the number of people you will not be able to please are far greater than those you would please. That is just how life is. Some people go through life trying to please those who do not matter to their life in any way, people that can never measure to their standard. How do you avoid wasting time? Don’t please people, do what pleases you and what will benefit the human race.
  5. Complaining: Complaining can never make tings better. If the time spent complaining is used to make changes and correct mistakes, life would be easier for a lot of us. Everyday, we all complain. We complain to our employees,our bosses, our spouses, our friends, our parents, but none of these times have we done something spectacular. every second we spend complaining is a time wasted and can never be regained. 
  6. Not learning from mistakes: It is foolish to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Once you’ve made a mistake, it should be an error if you repeat that mistake again, but most people do this, going through the same mistakes they were supposed to have learnt from. If you repeat yours or another’s mistakes, you are simply wasting time that is supposed to go into something else. So every time you’re taking a decision, make sure, your’re not taking the steps you took previously and make sure you know what you are doing.

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