Ten Best Decisions To Make Early In Life

Your early and late 20s are no doubt the most important stage to make life changing decisions. If you are not careful about the decisions you make at that time, you might end up not liking the way your life will turn out to be.

From schooling to developing good habits, having financial intelligence etc, there are whole lots of decisions to make that may alter the course of your life for the better or otherwise. Check out some below:

1. Finish School: This came up first because it’s probably the most important of all decisions. Do all you can to finish school first. Many youths and young adults go to school, but not all of them actually finish. I hear a lot of them say that schooling is like a waste of time, they would rather work for money rather than go to school. But I tell you, that ideology is very wrong.

I strongly suggest that anybody who has a dream of becoming successful should go through the right education. If all the innovators of yesterday didn’t go to school and were able to make impacts that lasted for generations, imagine what getting quality education will make the minds of new and future innovators be.

It’s tragic though, that little to no attention is paid to the educational system in some parts of the world, but still, you get to learn a whole lot of things by going to school. Schooling teaches you determination. That’s where you get the drive to succeed. It teaches you discipline, open-mindedness, and many more.

2. Know Who You Are: Most 20s kids, and even some 30s barely know who they really are. They don’t exactly know what they want from life. Now is the time to find yourself and understand exactly what you want. It’s not time to be unserious with life, floating around like a kite, but a time to look within you, discover what you’re good at, turn passion into profit and create a path for yourself.

Sit down and look in introspect, discover what you’re really good at, what you have passion for, what area you’re skilled at and determine what you can use these tools for.

3. Learn As Much As You Can: Learn as much as you can, develop new skill sets. Every opportunity you get to learn new things, no matter how unimportant it seems, take it. You can never tell, you might just be creating a future path to success. I know some people get a good job as soon as they leave school. But not everyone gets that lucky. So this skill you have is what will become a gold mine for you in the future.

4.Meet Lots Of People: Network, network, network. The relationships you build now are what will be your ladder of upgrade and connections when you need them. Genuinely make friends with people. Go out and mingle, make friends network. Go to networking events.

When going for a networking event, do these 3 things:

*Plan to meet people who you need help from

*Prepare to meet people who you can be of help to

*Make genuine friends and not for their help alone

5. Drop Bad Habits, Develop Good Ones: Sleeping for more than 5 hours everyday will do you no good if you really want to build a successful life. Drop those bad habits that kill the value in you. Such habits as sleeping and waking up late, being physically lazy, eating unhealthy foods not having enough rest, not exercising, unconcerned about knowledge etc.

Instead, build good habits and routines that will gear you up towards success.

6. Have Financial Intelligence: Financial intelligence is definitely the most important skill to develop from the very beginning of your journey to success. This will help you to understand how to make, manage and multiply money and to make money work for you. If you are able to manage your finances properly, then you will not have any problem with money.

Also, increase your ability to earn by working for people or in places where you can learn more, or by getting the required knowledge for value.

Planning to start your own business or developing multiple streams of income is not a long reach at this stage, it’s something you can definitely do. Save and invest. Don’t throw money around or spend without a budget, master the principles of success.

7. Spend Less Than You Earn: This is probably the most important skill to develop. Human beings are naturally inclined to spend or live above their means. This seem to be the new trend for so many people now. Don’t go living a life of luxury, when it’s certain that you’re not there yet.

The wealthy know and practice this principle so much. You can never see a truly wealthy man living flamboyant lifestyles. Live below your means, spend less than you earn and let the rest of your income go into savings and investments.

8. Trust Your Instincts: A lot of wealthy people confidently boast that their instincts got them to where they are now. If you have a gut feeling about a trade or investment, and your gut is telling you not to go ahead with it, I’ll advise that you listen to it.

9. Learn From The Best: The value of mentorship has been watered down for some reasons I don’t know. Mentorship may be giving you tough times, especially when your mentor tells you to take a path that seems difficult. But know that, you’ll see better if you stand on the shoulders of those who are ahead.

Therefore, submit yourself to mentorship, have a career adviser. Have group of people who motivate you to take actionable steps.

10. Connect To The Spiritual: There’s no better submission than the submission to the Spirit of God. There’s no better mentor than God Himself and there’s no better financial adviser than God. Connect to the Spiritual power of Heaven and you don’t have to worry about life.

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