5 Things You Must Do Before The End Of The Year

End of the year is everyone’s favourite time. It’s time when friends and families get together. The time to go on holidays and have so much fun.

But as delightful as the holidays are, they are usually the slowest time of the year, in the sense that, progress almost usually grinds to a halt. Thus, showing that people will always put friends and loved ones before anything else. With these happening, there’s no way progress will not be affected.

Well friends, holidays are for fun, so you should have fun, but don’t get carried away with the excitement instead, think back on the necessary things you need to do before the year runs out.

If you desire to end the year well and start 2019 on the freshest page ever, do these 5 things.

1. Look In Retrospect: Take stock of all the actions you took during the year. Write down the highlights of the year and determine the steps you took or the decisions you made that really mattered and those that were a major failure. This will help you know what to avoid in the incoming year.

2. Take Stock Of The Goals You Smashed: Including the goals you didn’t smash. Recall that at the beginning of the year, you wrote a long (or short) list of the things you wanted to accomplish. Now take a look at the notes and determine how and why you were able to accomplish them. Do the same for those goals you couldn’t accomplish. You don’t want your 2019 to be filled with carry over goals.

3. Check Out New Connections: By ‘New’ I mean the connections you got this year. Trace back your networking journey and determine those people whom you have met were able to add value to your life one way or the other. Association matters a lot in life. If you cannot confidently write down 5 names of new contacts who helped you during the year, you need to revisit your networking strategy.

4. Do A Quick Career Review: By ‘Quick’ I mean thorough review of your career for the year. You’ll need to consider decisions you’ve made that have caused a major upgrade in your career and I’m talking about professional exams, trainings or seminars, actions that have stirred up series of promotions for you and mostly steps you took that upgraded your position in the organization or that transformed your business one way or the other.

5. Look Back On Relationships: And I’m not merely talking about friendship. Did your romantic relationship lead to the altar or otherwise? Just look back and determine who still needs to remain in your life and who doesn’t.

By looking back at where you’re coming from, you’ll be able to draw a road map to where you’re going. Piecing together the rest of your big picture won’t be that difficult anymore.

You’ll also need to take a look into your 2019 to determine such things as your next career decision, plans for your business, and other life plans. But that’s a post for another day.

Now have a fabulous holiday!

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