How You Can Appreciate Your Loyal Clients This Christmas

The end of the year is known not only for reviews and self reflection, but also for showing gratitude, sharing appreciation, and giving rewards to your clients, employees and even family.

Take advantage of this season to show appreciation to those who really matter to your business by giving back. There are tons of ideas on giving back to clients. You will want to do what will make them keep coming back, rather than running off to your competitors.

This is how you can keep making them fall in love with your business over and over again:

1. Send Greeting Cards: I know that technology has made this pretty easy and less exciting. With the click of a button, you can send appreciation messages to people anywhere in the world. But I’m talking about something more profound, like sending a physical card.

Write an emotional message, typed or handwritten, and send it off to your loyal customers. This way, they’ll know you’re thinking of them and that you really appreciate their patronage. This seems fair, compared to sending a bunch of collective emails. Perhaps, your competitors will fall into that category. You want to really make a difference.

2. Send Personalized Appreciation Messages: As generalized as emails can be, it cannot be avoided. You can send collective messages to your clients by using applications such as mail chimp or mad mimi. Although, your customers may know it’s a collective message, these mailing apps can help you send specific mails with each recipients name on it, let the content of your message reflect true appreciation.

3. Offer Giveaways: Some business owners, pick recipients of their giveaways randomly, allowing those who are not regular buyers of their products claim the rewards.

Except you want your real customers to leave and have those who don’t even know a thing about your business keep getting your giveaways, you’ll need to target your most loyal clients when offering giveaways.

4. Give Discounts: Who doesn’t like discounts? Make your customers and potential customers happy, offer your products or services at discounted prices. End of the year promo prices and all sorts. Big companies understand how to use this to their advantage. Let people flock into your store, let your phones ring off the hook. Remember, you’re doing all you can to put your competitors out of business.

5. Throw A Light Christmas Party: Christmas parties are not for customers alone, your employees will also have fun on that day. Remember, putting a smile on people’s faces is also putting your name on their lips.

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