Habits You Must Drop in 2018

It’s only 4 days to the new year, meaning that you have 4 more days to let go of some habits and pick up a new ones. A wise man said that, “You cannot keep doing the same thing for years and expect to get a different result,” so also, you cannot live the same way for over 50 years and call it a life. Somethings must change about you.

Those habits that have become so peculiar to you must be given up now, else, 2019 will be a regular year for you, like the past years have been. But if you want an exception, drop the habits that have so much clung to you during the past years and start life afresh.

Habits such as:

1. Borrowing: Whether it’s money, household items, clothing or gadgets, borrowing things from other people is one major habit that must go with this year. I wonder how people who borrow get comfortable. When you are owing a sum of money, any increase that comes to your hand is not yours, until you pay the debt you owe. How can you be comfortable running around with what belongs to someone else, and you expect to see a change in your situation?

2. Multitasking: Juggling too many activities at the same time has a bad effect on the human mind. First, it makes you lose focus and breaks your concentration. Multitasking tends to overstimulate your brain function, your brain begins to have difficulties separating what’s important from what’s not. This eventually leads to burnout. So from now on, focus on one thing at a time. It’s better to finish one task than to have 10 uncompleted ones.

3. Time-wasting: It’s baffling to see that young people spend so much time doing things that do not influence their lives. If you want to be successful, you must put in the work now! The hours you spend in front of the TV should be directed at something profitable. A second lost on trivial and meaningless things, can never be regained, if you were to substitute your time for money, think of how much you would losing when you waste that time.

4. Oversleeping: Perhaps this habit should top my list because I am a victim of it. There’s no other cause for it rather than the fact that I sleep too late for my age. And perhaps it can be justified because, when I’m up late, I’m either reading or writing. Nevertheless, oversleeping is never a good thing. If you sleep early, you will rise early, 4-5 hours is a good enough time for night rest, anything other than that is oversleeping.

5. Budget-less: I don’t think that many people know the importance of having a budget or actually, I think that they are well aware that they spend without budget, but they are just too lazy to draw up one. You may have managed to get away with spending without a budget this year, but if you want to start seeing a different result in your finances, you might want to adopt that habit. Budgeting actually helps you keep track of your spending. As opposed to the general misconception, budgeting doesn’t stop you from living an enjoyable life, instead, it helps you know where your money is going.

6. No investments: They say foolish people waste money, average people spend money while wise people invest money. Depending on what you do with money, you should already know which category you fall. There are tons of investments out there that yield good returns. We have the stock market, petroleum companies and even small business you can invest in, along with many others.

7. Ignoring technology: There are so many ways technology can help the human race. Whether it’s ignorance, paranoia or personal conviction, there are people who shy away from technology. If you automate your activities, you can achieve more in lesser time. For example, rather than having to queue long hours at the ATM, there are certain online applications that can help speed up transactions for you. You can buy groceries online from the comfort of your bed and have it delivered at your doorstep. Get more things done, use technology.

8. The ‘job’mindset: Nothing beats waking up early and leaving for work. The gratification that comes from having a job makes life easy and comfortable. But on the flip side, consider this: you’ve probably worked in many jobs this year, you’ve worked for different people, risked your life to be at work or travel for your job sake. You’ve even gone home at odd hours countless times this year, and you’ve spent a whole day, racking or brainstorming to enrich another man’s pocket. Well, it’s time you start racking your brain for your self, enriching your own pocket and risking your life for yourself too. Sit down, think and come up with creative ways to better people’s lives and fatten your own purse. You don’t find fulfillment in your job, you find fulfillment in seeing your work transform other people’s lives.

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