Entrepreneurship is for you: The 7 Qualities of an Entrepreneur

It’s the first day of the year, and I’m already crossing some things off my list, because I’ve achieved them today. Last year, I prayed for the grace to complete anything I start and the discipline to start anything at all. One of them is writing this post.

I’ve read well over 20 or more books in my entrepreneurship journey, ever since I started to read appropriately, and this question has always been answered the same way in all of the books, the question ‘Are entrepreneurs born or made?’ The answer? Yes they are.

You might be thinking that the answer isn’t straight forward, but actually it is. Entrepreneurs are born and entrepreneurs are made. This same question has been asked for other fields like Are leaders born or made? Are superstars born or made? The answer is the same for everything. Yes they are!

Entrepreneurs can be born with the spirit of entrepreneurship and they can also be made by learning to be one. Just like leaders can be made when they learn the qualities of leadership. Superstars can also be made, all they have to do is to pay the price that is required to be famous.

Here are 7 reasons why entrepreneurship is for you:

1. You can reason: according to the dictionary, to be able to reason is to be rational. Man is a rational being because he can think, he can process thoughts, he has a mind of his own. It means to have cognitive faculties, be able to make judgement, deduce and have intuition. You have that.

2. You have passion: I don’t think there is anyone on earth who isn’t passionate about something, no matter what it is. Passion is what makes fan of football gather in front of the TV to cheer their favourite teams on even without collecting a dime. A large part of entrepreneurship is about turning passion into profit. You just have to find what you’re passionate about and tweak it to the level where it can bring profit for you.

3. You have a sense of worth: You want the best for yourself. The fact that you consider yourself worthy enough to have the best things in life is proof that you are an entrepreneur. No one likes to be looked down on, we all love to feel and to be taken as important.

4. You don’t like the current state of the economy : The problem with us is that we don’t like what we see in this country, we desperately want change. But we are either too scared or too lazy to do what needs to be done. A stable economy is so by the input of small and medium scale enterprises, by the creation of jobs by its individuals and by the spirit of innovation.

5. You invest in yourself: You are an entrepreneur if every chance you get to learn new things and increase your knowledge base is taken seriously. As a budding entrepreneur/established entrepreneur, the biggest investment you can ever make in your business is an investment in yourself.

6. You act in spite of how you feel: Veteran entrepreneurs know that their feeling can sometimes deter their race for success. They know that there’s a line between what they feel like doing and what they know should be done. They set their emotions aside and do what is necessary I’m order not to miss a life changing opportunity.

7. You want to be successful: Your drive for success points to the fact that you will do what it takes to be successful, having in mind that, success is not the only reason why you started, but also because you want to help humanity.

Now you see that Entrepreneurship is for you. There’s a feeling of excitement you get when you begin to see that your decision to create something is impacting lives all over.

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3 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship is for you: The 7 Qualities of an Entrepreneur

  1. These qualities are definitely important. It’s also good to note that not everyone is born with these abilities, and that learning them is possible.


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