5 Kinds of people you’ll most likely meet in a group

I wonder why many people act the way they do. So I’m in a group where a number of us have gathered together to do various tasks for a particular project. The group comprises people who are skilled in different aspects of life.

The project is a volunteer work, and it’s supposed to bring all of us together in order to achieve a common goal. We are all required to come up with different processes, peculiar to our field so as to carry out daily projects that will eventually bring about this goal we’re trying to achieve.

Soon after I joined, I began to regret my decision to join because I found that others weren’t serious about it, no one was doing anything, they simply weren’t taking the work seriously. Perhaps the urgency of the project had not been communicated to them effectively.

Nothing was working, our project coordinator was so immersed in his work trying to achieve his personal goals, he simply didn’t bother about the work.

From my position, I managed to change a few things, got somethings to work, motivated a few people and annoyed a handful. Some left the group because of that, but not until they “spoke their minds” about me.

To cut the long story short, things are working now, we are experiencing a slow but progressive movement, thanks to our new project coordinator.

Why am I saying this? Whether it’s on a whatsapp group, a facebook closed group, a church department or an office unit, a political party, or even in a family, there are 5 kinds of people you will encounter.

1. The Idlers: These are those people who spend all their time in inaction. The lazy ones, who do nothing, see nothing and say nothing. They fold their arms and stare at others while they work. Either they are lazy, shy or don’t know what to do, it’s not quite clear. Perhaps it’s lethargy. No amount of training, motivation, or chastity will unfold their arms and influence their buttocks from the seats.

2. The Louts: These are the akward-ishly annoying fellows. They are never going to work, but can certainly criticize the work of others. They are the trouble makers, the notice me(s). They get themselves involved in work just so they can be seen by the people who matter. These lot are unreliable, unyielding and have nothing upstairs.

3. The Complainers: These ones see absolute errors in everything else. They are available to work, but never do because they are busy questioning your decisions about certain things. They complain about the old methods, they criticize the new methods, they seem to have the perfect way of doing things in their heads, but for some reasons, can’t get it out.

4. The Hardworkers: They show up to do the job, and they take it personally either because they have something to gain or they have something to lose. To them, others are losers and jokers. These lot tend to get under the skins of the rest because they constantly ‘check up on the work’ of the others. They see themselves as overseers of the project, without anyone conferring the title on them.

5. The Devoted: The true believers. They get the job done, you can always rely on them. They manage to get along with the others and sometimes, get slowed down by the inaction of the others but somehow, get around it. These ones you can rely on.

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