The Power Of A Dream

Wow! I read a really powerful book last night titled ‘Making of a dream’ by Dr. Olumide Emmanuel. In this book, the author wrote about how dreams are made, why they are made and how they die if not properly held on to.

He also wrote intensely about the mistakes people make that aborts their dreams. I learnt so much from that book, I decided to write my own view about dreams and accomplishing them.

So why do people dream dreams?

1. To Fulfil Their Mission In Life: Dreams are wishes that forms expression in people’s minds so that when they process and make it work, they become what they intend to be in life. Note the word ‘Process’ and ‘Work’ meaning that if you do not process it, and if you do not work it out, it won’t be realized. So dreaming is partly about having a desire and partly about making it come to realization.

2. To Move From Stagnancy To Full Speed: Nobody likes to remain in one place for a long time. In the words of Dr. Olumide Emmanuel, “A life without a dream is a life of experiment.” To live a dreamless life is to remain unmoving, immobile, static and without any impact. Dreams come to us so that we can live a life of meaning as we journey from level to level.

3. To Realize Our Full Potential: No man is born empty. Without our dreams, we will be unable to test ourselves and to release our full potentials. Having dreams but doing nothing about it is the reason why there are so many untapped potentials in the grave. They simply couldn’t find a way to maximize their potentials before they died. Either because of fear, doubt or because they simply didn’t know how to.

4. To Produce Good Fruits: A man without dreams will make no impact when he’s alive and even after he dies. Consider Methuselah, he lived for nine hundred and seventy five years, the oldest man that ever lived, yet the Bible only recorded so little about him. His entire life summed up in four lines. What a waste.

Dreams are pictures of the future planted in our hearts by God. It will remain latent, until it’s worked by the dreamer.

What steps should you take when you dream a dream?

# Wake Up From Sleep: I mean it, wake up from sleep. Firstly, consider if your dream is worth your while, bring it to the point of reality and ask yourself questions. Is it a positive or negative dream? Is it beneficial or detrimental to the human race? Is it a selfish dream or will it impact the world you live in?

2. Write It Down: Don’t make the mistake of committing it to memory. Once you catch a dream, begin to write down the goals you’ll need to achieve in order to realize that dream. Put down your plans on paper. Remember, the faintest ink lasts longer than the sharpest memory.

3. Take Actionable Steps : Nothing moves until it is moved. Begin to take steps that will move you closer to your dream. For example, if your dream is to become a well sought after individual in your field of endeavour, you will want to begin to learn, train, take courses and read consistently on that field.

Now according to the book, there are 4 kinds of people you will meet on your way to fulfilling your dreams

1. The Dream Killers: These are people who have been certified to kill your dreams by whatever means necessary. Consider Portiphar’s wife. She was a certified dream killer sent to end Joseph’s dream, but thank God for his integrity.

2. The Dream Stealers: No further explanation needed, these ones are verified dream poachers, sent to steal your dream from you. If you’re not careful, they’ll succeed.

3. The Dream Watchers: These lot have been nominated as passive spectators. Even as you walk through fire, step on snakes and receive fiery darts on your way to success, they will do nothing to help you, but only look at you. This doesn’t stop them from coming to ‘associate’ with you once that dream has been accomplished.

4. The Dream Makers: These kinds are the ones we all pray for everyday. Once you meet them, accomplishing your dream is no longer difficult. They’ll do all they can to see you succeed.

Joseph kept on dreaming despite all that he went through. So never stop dreaming.

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