Hi, my name is Olufisayo Ogundipe. I’m an adult. Many times, people have mistaken me to be a teenager, but I forgave them long ago.

I’m a creative writer (I write a lot of stuff on Personal development and Entrepreneurship). I’m also a website developer and a budding graphics designer (all hail). I’m a sucker for social media (P.S. that’s where I spend all my data, little wonder I’m not yet a billionaire).

I’m an avid reader, been reading books back to back since 2016,and before that, I’ve been reading crime novels and horror novels back to back since SS2. I’m a sucker for crime movies (Shooting, killing, dying, governemnt conspiracies, CIA, tragedy and disaster kind of movies).

I’m an entrepreneur by blood (business website coming up soon) and I co-write at 9jacashflow.com and thesparklewriters.com

I read a lot of stuff online, flipboard, medium, Quora, pinterest, blogs and google. I’m first a Believer, then every other things follow. Oh before I forget, I founded a book club called Nascent Minds (@nascentmindsbookclub on Ig), for lovers of non-fiction, career, business and personal development.

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