Cultivating Diplomacy In The Workplace

Diplomacy is an essential tool to working effectively and in a friendly environment, especially in the workplace. It is a tact and subtle skill needed in dealing with people for the sole purpose of reconciling disputes. It includes the ability to understand the hurts, feelings, ideas and opinions of other people. Regardless of the organisation … Continue reading Cultivating Diplomacy In The Workplace


The Negative Effects Of Negativity

Negativity is a characteristic of being pessimistic. Or being a person who expresses a negative viewpoint invariably. It is a tendency to be downbeat, disagreeable or skeptical. Being negative is to always expect the worse. Human beings have the tendency to be negative, to be pessimistic and skeptical, except in rare cases, by discipline or … Continue reading The Negative Effects Of Negativity

Why your company isn’t landing clients: my first hand experience

First and foremost, understand that there is power in packaging. By packaging, I mean branding your company or products professionally, being intentional about how you attend to clients and how your company looks through the public eye. How you look on the outside matters as much as on the inside. Trust me when I say, … Continue reading Why your company isn’t landing clients: my first hand experience