Why You Are Broke!

I've realized that no amount of financial education will help the indisciplined man spend wisely. When it comes to spending or being financially independent, it takes a lot of discipline as much as it takes financial education. A man who isn't disciplined in the way he spends will soon realize that he's headed for a … Continue reading Why You Are Broke!


The Power Of A Dream

Wow! I read a really powerful book last night titled 'Making of a dream' by Dr. Olumide Emmanuel. In this book, the author wrote about how dreams are made, why they are made and how they die if not properly held on to. He also wrote intensely about the mistakes people make that aborts their … Continue reading The Power Of A Dream

12 Self Improvement Lifestyles You Should Invest In Come 2019

2019 is around the corner, and like the usual culture, have your resolutions for the new year ready. This time, not resolutions that you wouldn't fulfill, rather, make strong resolutions that will change your life and alter your destiny for good. 1. Love Yourself This new year, start loving yourself, give more attention to the … Continue reading 12 Self Improvement Lifestyles You Should Invest In Come 2019