How other people can understand your kind of business 

Last weekend, a friend of mine reached out to me, she is an entrepreneur and her business has been growing gradually, it turned out that one of her customers had told her that she(my friend) needed to open an online store for her fashion business, the woman informed her that there were a lot of people in the UK who were really interested in her crafts and would like to shop online. So this my friend ran to a web developer and got a website up and running after some days. Now, the website was up and contained all that an online shop requires, but there was something missing, the purpose of the company. 

The magnitude of having a purpose for your business cannot be overemphasized, so also is having a mission and vision statement, objectives, values, your business description, analysis of your products and so on. This goes beyond having it on your website alone, it must be your guiding principle, You must be able to tell it when you’re woken up in the morning, before you go to bed and even in your sleep (lol). 

Purpose – 

This is the ‘reason why’ of your business. The reason you decided to go into the business despite the risks and the odds of doing the business. The purpose of your business is what keeps you on your feet, what makes you empty your account, what makes you sack your boss and become your own boss. This purpose along with the rest should be your guiding principle. 

Values – 

Write out your values before fully starting out a business. Your values are the foundational principles of the business, they talk about what you stand for, gives you direction and help you make decisions. These values must not be compromised and must be revisited in case there are turbulence.  They must be clear to those who work and who are willing to work for you. 

Mission – 

This is what your business /company is aiming for, why you started out in the first place, what you are setting out to do. You mission statement must, like every other statements, be clear to your employees and to the outside world. It is your organizing principle under which everything in the company is done and when it seems that you’re going off course, should be revisited. 

Vision –

Your vision entails where you are going, who you want to be. It’s about a preferred picture of where you want to be in the next 3-5 years or longer. Your vision must be very big, specific, attainable, measurable and easily communicated to others. 

Your business description is equally important. You must be able to describe it exceptionally well, from ‘fashion design’ to ‘IT’ or ‘make up’ ‘catering’ etc. It’s critical that every business, no matter how small or how big should have a clear description. Together, it determines the company’s direction, it gives focus to the team, and serves as a template for decision making and also, it’s how other people can understand your business. So based on what I already know about this topic, I have been able to write Mission and Vision statements for two businesses. 


5 tips to growing a business 

Starting up a business is not an easy task, getting the idea is not easy either. Ideas can come to us at any point in time. It can be inspired by what’s going on around us, our challenges, the books we read, or even from what another person is doing. In his book ‘life after school’ Dr. Chris Okpaluba said “look out for problems, they are wake up calls for solutions, when u set out to solve problems, profit will follow”. Now that you have started your business, what can you do to make sure it grows into what you envisioned? 

The following are things you must do before and after you have started

1. Research:What do you want to do? firstly, you must ask yourself what you want to really do, what kind of business will you like to go into and why?  I suggest that you research the market you are about to enter. This will give you a better understanding of the profit pool of the business, asides that, it will make you know who your competitors are and which of them is at the top and why. Never go into a business you know nothing about or you’ve not completely researched.

2. Be informed: now that you have started, have you being well informed? You must always be aware of trends and follow them, the internet has made it so easy to keep track of happenings in our environment and around the world. Follow trends, use the information you get to produce results and make sure the information you seek relates to your business and can transform your business in anyway. An uninformed individual is a deformed individual.

3. Have set goals: this is where your mission and vision statements come in. These statements are the foundation that your business should be laid upon. You must be clear about your goals at every level of your business and what you want to achieve in the next few years, always have a purpose for your business.

4. Specialize: opening a business requires that you have enough  knowledge about the business, therefore, specialize in a particular niche and dominate it. In other words,  have an area of specialization for example, are you a photographer, fashion designer or a car auto dealer? You must be able to describe what you do to others.

5. Differentiate your business: differentiate your product or service in a way that makes it superior to that of your competitors. Run your business in a different way, opt for a different means or bring in a competitive advantage i.e. something that you can do exceptionally well which will give you an edge over others.

Six ways your bank account can be hacked

Few days ago, I got a message from an unknown number stating that my account and ATM card has been blocked due to failure to update my BVN. One thing I want us to note is that, BVN updates have been carried out by every individual that owns a bank account, so banks don’t longer send messages concerning that. This prompted me to write about this topic today to educate bank account holders on the ways by which their accounts can be hacked.
Bank accounts can be hacked through different ways and so it has become imperative that we are all aware of the diverse means by which these fraudulent activities can be carried out on our bank accounts and other personal accounts.
1. Responding to fraudulent text messages or phone calls: almost everyday, we receive text messages that our accounts have being blocked, like the one I received last week, and so we should call a particular phone number to unblock the account. Some fraudsters even go as far as putting calls through to their would-be victims. When this happens, we must confirm from our banks first before responding to such calls/texts or not even responding at all as no bank will call or text you to divulge your bank details over the phone or through a representative.
2.  Disclosing too much information on our social media profiles: alot of people form the habit of putting their personal information such as names, email addresses, phone number and date of birth on the internet or on their social media accounts, that’s divulging too much information, a sophisticated hacker needs just that or even less to get your banking details like your pin and passwords. I will advise that you exclude the year you were born, and except it’s really important, your name and surname. You may try to use phone numbers that are not directly linked to your account, especially for those that use internet banking.
3. Shopping on untrusted and unencypted websites: apart from popular shopping sites, never disclose your banking details to web addresses that you are skeptical about, also web addresses that doesn’t start with https should be avoided.
4. Disclosing banking details on dating sites: anybody you meet online that claims to love you shouldn’t be asking for your account number or pin, men and women are wooed daily by “lovers” and are being tricked to divulge their financial information. Love might be blind but when it comes to your hard earned money, open your eyes.
5. Using weak passwords or pins: such as dates of birth, surnames, names of your kids etc. Your account pin can be easily guessed even by an amateur hacker. Use random, unique passwords that may even contain numbers, but make sure you use the one you can easily remember.
6. Careless handling it ATM cards and checkbooks: have you ever heard of an insider? This is someone from your home, office anywhere, teaming up with other people to rob you blind. Cousins, friends even siblings can be insiders. Now am not saying that you should start having trust issues towards your family members, but it doesn’t take a long time for a person to be convinced. Keep the details of your financial accounts in a trusted environment. Restrict access to your account details, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other thing linked to your account.

Why is it so hard to get married in Nigeria nowadays?

Why is it so hard to get married in Nigeria? I bet that question has being running through the minds of a lot of females lately. Actually it’s not so hard, it’s not hard at all the problem is with our men. I ran into a friend few weeks ago at shoprite, his younger sister got engaged over the weekend and he was explaining how the whole event took place, then I asked him why his younger sister is married but he is still single,his reply shocked me, he said he wanted a lady that is focused, “Ahn ahn focused on what o” I asked, he said a woman must be focused on her career and must be a professional in her field. Trust me when I say that’s what every guy is saying now, it seems as if they are looking for a ready-made woman, graduate, good job, able to take care of her self, independent. But I ask you, if a woman has all that then what does she need a man for?

How can you openly say you want a woman that’s ready-made or a professional in her field? No man wants to be a house husband now, or do they? Am going to use my ex as an example, when we started dating he used to tell me all sorts of story about independent women and they help their husbands to be successful, at that time I didn’t see anything wrong in being a successful wife and supporting your husband. But when you start saying that if the wife is successful she must pay the bills that’s when you should know that something is wrong with you. So along the line, I began to notice those signs in him… Those ‘the lady should also be able to pay  the bills’ and  ‘you must get a job and make money before we get married’  signs, my brothers and sisters, that was the time I started to dust my slippers ready to run away. To top it all, he narrated a story about how a woman gave her husband a huge some of money to invest in a gold business,and now the husband is stinkinly rich all thanks to her. He said its also a woman’s job to pay bills and take care of her children’s fees. It’s not a problem if a woman pays her children’s fees but it’s the main job of a man.

A man will be quick to point out that he his the head of the family but this same man will ask the wife to take care of the children’s fees!!! No, it’s so wrong. When the Bible said the man is the head of the family and the woman must submit to her husband, it also meant that the man must provide for the whole family. So men, stop looking for an independent woman to make your wife, instead, marry her and make her independent -set up a small business for her, help her get a job, anything to keep her busy and get income. If a woman is focused on her job and not married, she will be too busy running her business, marriage might be a distraction to a professional lady. Nobody is ready-made, we all need people in our lives to help us climb the ladder of success.


LASSA fever (LF) or Lassa Fever Virus Disease (LFVD) or Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever (LHF) is a member of Arenaviridae virus family (Arenavirus) found inside rodents and rats, basically inside of the multimamate rat (mastomys natalensis) which is the primary host of the disease. It was first discovered in Nigeria in the town of Lassa in Born state in 1969 where it got it’s name from. It affects rodents and occasionally humans, the LHF is similar to Ebola in that it causes instant death. Lassa Fever is endemic in west African regions like Mali, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, cote d’ivoire, Benin.

Mode of transmission of Lassa Fever

Rodents and rats are the vector of the disease, therefore contacts with them brings about the disease. You can also contact Lassa Fever by touching, playing with or cutting up dead rats, also, contact with the feces or urine of rats deposited especially inside food stores or around the house, humans can contact the disease when they come in contact with food or household items continated with rodents excreta. Another method of contacting the disease is through Nosocomial transmission i.e. transmission that occurs as a result of treatment in a hospital usually through primary or secondary contact (I.e. patient to doctor) or absence of adequate infection control measures in hospitals and laboratories. Also, contact with body fluids or blood of an infected person or shaking hands with an infected person can bring about the disease but in a much more lesser case.


Symptoms of Lassa Fever

About 80% cases of Lassa Fever is Asymptomatic I.e. the patient or carrier does not experience any symptoms at all, and this is usually dangerous because when it begins to show symptoms it may already be too late for the patient. Early signs of Lassa Fever include high fever, severe headache, malaise, then later, sore throat, nausea, continuous stooling and vomiting, abdominal pain, myalgia (muscle pain), after few more days then edema (swelling), hypertension, bleeding and then death. The incubation period of Lassa Fever (I.e. the time it takes for the disease to start manifesting is 21 days, therefore, a suspected Lassa Fever patient is to be quarantined for 21 days.

Method of prevention

Ensure that you don’t eat contaminated foods, cooked and uncooked foods should be properly stored and covered, make sure to wash your hands with liquid soap and antiseptics. Also, rat traps and rodenticides should be used in all homes, clear surrounding bushes and close doors and windows very well. Buying food along the road or in traffic should also be stopped because we know very little about their storage procedures. Report suspected cases of Lassa Fever in the hospital to prevent spread while medical personnels should use mask and protective gloves when treating patients.

Treatment of Lassa fever

Many times, because of its symptoms, Lassa Fever is usually misdiagnosed as malaria or typhoid and as a result many patients fail to receive appropriate medical treatment. Vaccination of infected patients is currently unavailable for humans but oral ribavirin is administered within the first few days of the disease onset, so this way, it helps to drastically reduce the effects in the early cause of the disease.

In conclusion, Lassa Fever outbreak has claimed so many lives in the course of the past 6 weeks in Nigeria claiming about 35 deaths in 76 suspected cases. 12 states in Nigeria have been affected including Gombe, Rivers, Abuja, Plateau, Bauchi, Nasarawa, Niger, Taraba, Kano, Edo, Oyo, Imo and Lagos. It claimed a doctor’s life in portharcourt.

Top 12 motivational quotes that will change your life

New Year is fast approaching,we all need something to gear us up,luckily that’s why I’m here.

  1. He that makes peaceful changes impossible will make violent changes inevitable.
  2. When others are grumbling that roses have thorns,be glad that your thorns have roses.
  3. Give time it’s own time,try to be patient and calm in life,someday your time will come.
  4. Money is numbers and numbers never end,so if it takes money for you to be happy your search for happiness will never end.
  5. Work for a cause not for applause,live to express not to impress.
  6. Work according to your dreams, don’t dream according to your work.
  7. We are defined by the decisions we make.
  8. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you move forward.
  9. Empty pockets teach you a million things in life, but full pockets will spoil you in a million ways.
  10. If you want to be good at your job you must learn to love your work.
  11. You cannot count things that aren’t there,the best thing is to enjoy what you have already earned.
  12. It’s of no use to spread a net when the bird you want to catch is already watching.

How to handle haters

IMG_20151116_120021Haters Will always hate, that’s one thing you should know, when people show hatred or jealousy towards you it’s usually because they feel inferior to you. People also hate on you if they are jealous of your success and the only way they can respond is by expressing negativity towards you. It’s very important to know how you must deal with these kind of people, below are 5 major steps, you can thank me later.

  1. Ignore them: when haters hate, don’t validate their feelings by responding to them, it could be hard to do, but it’s the right approach. They are envious of you, so they find the smallest mistakes in your actions and attack by toning out negative comments. The best thing to do is to not pay attention to their foolishness.
  2. Avoid them: surround yourself with loyal friends and people with common goals. As they support you and cheer you own, your interactions with negative people Will be reduced. This helps you to completely ignore them. Another thing is changing your environment completely so that the less they see you, the less they know what is going on in your life and the less likely they are to express their negativity towards you.
  3. Don’t let it get to you: at first, listen to them and find out if there’s any truth in what they are saying, other than that, go about your daily life and don’t let their negativity get to you, be confident in yourself and focus on the people that support you.
  4. Don’t retaliate: dignifying your haters with a response only goes to show that you care about what they are saying and that there’s a glimmer of truth in it. When haters hate, they simply want response so if you do, you are giving them what they want. Don’t bother yourself about hating back because at the end, they will always be what they are-haters.
  5. You owe them nothing: you don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anybody not to talk of your haters. You don’t owe them anything, it’s absolutely not your fault that hate you. So don’t apologize or try to please them because no matter what you do, haters will always hate.IMG_20151116_120124IMG_20151116_120152

List of things to do before getting married

IMG_20151111_222152Everyone dreams of getting married to their loved ones and having a successful and great marriage. But to have a successful marriage it all depends on what we have been able to do before saying “I do”

  1. Get a job: before getting married, make sure your finances are in order. It’s really important to secure your finances before getting married, you can’t plan a wedding without having enough money otherwise it crumbles down, and that will be a disaster. Also, you don’t want to run around looking for a job after your wedding or submitting applications here and there, can be totally stressful. A man must be capable of taking care of his family financially and it’s the job of the woman to assist him.
  2. Figure out why you want to get married: are you planning to get married simply because there’s so much pressure on you by family, or because every other person is doing it, or because you like the idea of getting married? These few questions are what you should ask yourself before planning a wedding. Ask yourself if you really want to spend the rest of your life with them and are you capable of handling what comes up next? If you can find genuine answers to these questions then all is set.
  3. Know who your partner really is: how long have you being courting and what do you know about them? Knowing your partner very well before tying the knot is very crucial. It helps you communicate well and better understand each other. You must know the kinds of moods that they have, what makes them happy or sad etc.
  4. Make sure it’s a mutual agreement: you don’t want to go into marriage with someone that isn’t ready, don’t force your partner into marriage just because you like the idea of a fancy wedding. Make sure your partner agrees with you and is satisfied with the idea. You both have your goals and dreams, does theirs interfere with yours? Set up a plan you both agree on.
  5. Come clean about everything: whatever secrets you have being hiding over the years now is the time to come clean. Whatever you know can hurt them when they find out on their own you’d better tell them the whole truth. Come clean about everything, whatever happened in your past relationships, an ex-boyfriend you never talked about etc. In general, things you don’t want coming out after you two are married.
  6. Talk about religion: are you on the same page with your partner about your religious beliefs? If you are on opposite pages then make sure you discuss it before hand on how you will handle it so that it doesn’t affect you in the future.
  7. Talk about children: before venturing into marriage, ask your partner if they are in the same page with you about having children, you must also discuss their upbringing and how you will both take part in their lives.
  8. Live alone: living alone helps you to know who you really are and to know if you can actually live with yourself, because if you can’t live with yourself how will you be able to live with your partner? Living alone for a while before getting married can also help you to understand how to handle every responsibility that comes with it.
  9. Meet your partner’s family: because you are not only marrying him/her but their entire family and you will want to know them very well as well as them knowing you. Also, you must know who your partner is around their family members. Someone once said that as a woman, if your man supports his mother all the time during a disagreement then you have a problem, as it will continue to be so when you are married.
  10. Marry someone you trust: finally, make sure you and your partner trust each other. Your trust game should be very strong, I.e. build a strong relationship on trust, don’t marry someone that accuses you of doing something with an opposite sex or gives you headache about the people you hang out with etcetera.


Photo credit: Bellanaija weddings

Top 6 things that will make you happy

IMG_20151109_182752Happiness is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of well being. The road to finding happiness can either be smooth or difficult depending on the path you choose to pass. Find what makes you happy and do it. Narrowing down the things that bring you happiness is quite healthy and if you can’t get around to it, no worries, I have already done that for you.

  1. Hang out with friends and family: surround yourself with good, loyal friends that wish you well and with family members. There is nothing more therapeutic and more comforting than being around our loved ones. It’s okay to get mad at them as long as you remember how much they really mean to you. Don’t forget the saying that goes “the love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege”. They are God’s gift to you as you are to them, family isn’t always blood, but are people you want in your life and Who wants you in theirs, the ones Who accept you for Who you are and will do anything to see you smile.
  2. Be healthy: our lifestyles determines how healthy we can, be so eat healthy, exercise and sleep well, remember lack of sleep is the cornerstone of all diseases. Health is wealth if you are healthy you have something less to worry about. No spending money on hospital bills or buying drugs.
  3. Vacations: everybody loves vacations, they can be relaxing. Going on holidays help to induce general happiness. Studies have shown that taking holidays once or twice a year can help one feel focused at work, happier and less stressed.
  4. Be successful: the road to achieving your dreams may be very overwhelming, during this time, things will get a lot complicated. But once you go for success and become successful you will become happy seeing that all is well. So in order to achieve what we want to achieve and be happy, we must work hard.
  5. Money: money can’t buy happiness, but can certainly buy the things that can make you happy. If you can use your money to make a difference in other people’s lives, however small, it will surely make you happy. Happiness may not be tied to monetary values but it can certainly make you feel comfortable, you won’t go hungry or broke, you can afford to buy anything you need e.g clothes, shoes, video games, makeup etc. Pay your debts, go on a trip, hit the cinema or even trip your friends or parents out, (they ll love it) and seeing them happy makes you happy.
  6. Marriage: marriage itself contributes to happiness, a good marriage will bring you happiness, you have a partner to share your pains, worries, joy, success with in every dimension. Although its not just marriage that makes you happy but a good marriage will make you happy. Seeing your spouse as your best friend will help you have a successful and happy marriage. Also being in a healthy relationship brings happiness all you have to do is to Just trust your partner.

When we are happy, we exude positive energy and people are more likely to want to be around us. Being happy also means that we are able to rise above our troubles and worries and still be in a healthy state of mind.


Top 5 reasons why you should keep your eyebrows


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, your eyebrows say alot about you than you know so in order not to have an unbalanced personality, we should learn to keep our brows. As ladies, it’s not like we draw our eyebrows for men to notice (don’t get me wrong we love it when they do) but that’s not the reason we draw them. Lack of eyebrow regard as a lady is a total no no, I mean, how long does it take you to effortlessly draw them? If you think your hair deserves to be dressed then so does your brows.

  1. They help us see: when we sweat, get wet or get beaten by rain, our eyebrows help to keep moisture away from our eyes. The arched shape diverts water from the sides of our face thereby keeping the liquid away from the eyes.
  2. They help in facial recognition: when you see a person that has their eyebrows completely shaved off, you find it hard to recognize them than when their eyebrows are there. Therefore, it’s crucial for facial recognition.
  3. They are voice-controlled: you can communicate with your eyebrows well enough, they help to signal emotions, such as suspicions, hate, curiosity, surprise, agreement etc. are voice-controlled because as the pitch of your voice rises and falls, your eyebrows rises and falls with it.
  4. They say more about you than you know: your type of eyebrow defines your personality for example, studies show that a curved eyebrow defines a people-oriented person and a creative person. An angled eyebrow defines a sensitive and private person Who likes to be right at all times. Straight eyebrows defines a confident and assertive person. Also, a bushy eyebrow defines a masculine personality, thin eyebrows define a feminine personality, people with low eyebrows look carefully at everything while people with high eyebrows are dreamers.
  5. For fashion: eyebrows are a major trend nowadays, ladies without regard for eyebrows are not considered fashion conscious. If you beat your face without having a solid eyebrow, your dressing isn’t complete. You can shape them, wax or pluck them, whichever trend you go for, always make sure to look like the real fashionista that you are.PhotoGrid_1437243922188IMG_20151102_133221IMG_20150404_215937PicsArt_1427126884532