Top 5 reasons why you should keep your eyebrows


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, your eyebrows say alot about you than you know so in order not to have an unbalanced personality, we should learn to keep our brows. As ladies, it’s not like we draw our eyebrows for men to notice (don’t get me wrong we love it when they do) but that’s not the reason we draw them. Lack of eyebrow regard as a lady is a total no no, I mean, how long does it take you to effortlessly draw them? If you think your hair deserves to be dressed then so does your brows.

  1. They help us see: when we sweat, get wet or get beaten by rain, our eyebrows help to keep moisture away from our eyes. The arched shape diverts water from the sides of our face thereby keeping the liquid away from the eyes.
  2. They help in facial recognition: when you see a person that has their eyebrows completely shaved off, you find it hard to recognize them than when their eyebrows are there. Therefore, it’s crucial for facial recognition.
  3. They are voice-controlled: you can communicate with your eyebrows well enough, they help to signal emotions, such as suspicions, hate, curiosity, surprise, agreement etc. are voice-controlled because as the pitch of your voice rises and falls, your eyebrows rises and falls with it.
  4. They say more about you than you know: your type of eyebrow defines your personality for example, studies show that a curved eyebrow defines a people-oriented person and a creative person. An angled eyebrow defines a sensitive and private person Who likes to be right at all times. Straight eyebrows defines a confident and assertive person. Also, a bushy eyebrow defines a masculine personality, thin eyebrows define a feminine personality, people with low eyebrows look carefully at everything while people with high eyebrows are dreamers.
  5. For fashion: eyebrows are a major trend nowadays, ladies without regard for eyebrows are not considered fashion conscious. If you beat your face without having a solid eyebrow, your dressing isn’t complete. You can shape them, wax or pluck them, whichever trend you go for, always make sure to look like the real fashionista that you are.PhotoGrid_1437243922188IMG_20151102_133221IMG_20150404_215937PicsArt_1427126884532